Loretta's Menu

Sandwiches & Burgers

Tavern Burger
Drive-In style: charbroiled beef with melted cheese wrapped up in a toasted white bun with pickles, onions, and special sauce

Double Tavern
Same as tavern – double patty, double cheese

Veggie Tavern
Tavern Burger with homemade vegan patty

Deluxe Cheese Burger
Restaurant Style: grilled 1/3lb chuck and Tillamook cheddar on a potato bun with special sauce. Lettuce, tomato, and red onion served on the side to dress yourself
Add Bacon available

Veggie Deluxe Cheese Burger
Same as Deluxe with a vegan patty

Breaded Pork Tenderloin
Pork tenderloin fillets pounded thin, marinated in buttermilk, breaded and fried. Served on a potato bun with mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles

Sockeye Sandwich
Grilled Alaskan sockeye fillet dressed with our homemade tartar, lettuce, onion, & tomato on the side

Chili or Soup of the Day
Cup or Bowl


Baked Potato (Available after 5pm). Served with butter, cheese, sour cream, bacon & scallions


Chili Fries

Irish Nachos
Fries with same toppings as Baked Potato

Side Salad

Extra Sauce

No Free Substitutions

Ask the Bartender about our lunch specials Monday- Friday until 3pm


Tavern Steak
7oz. hand cut USDA prime sirloin. Comes with Fries or Baked Potato (after 5)

Steak Sandwich

Cooked to order. Served with Fries

Fish & Chips
Hand-battered Alaskan cod served with homemade tartar sauce


Tavern Salad
Mixed greens dressed with sweet onion vinaigrette, egg, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, red onion & radish

Bacon Cheeseburger Salad
Deluxe Bacon Cheeseburger without the bun. Served with lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, bell pepper & special sauce

Steak or Salmon Salad
Tavern Salad topped with either grilled Alaskan sockeye or prime sirloin cooked to order.

Available Saturday & Sunday until 2pm

Tavern Breakfast

2 Eggs cooked to order, served with choice of Bacon or Sausage (link or patty) with hashbrowns & english muffin

Breakfast Sandwich
Fried egg with cheese & choice of meat on english muffin

Steak & Eggs
Tavern Steak served with 2 eggs cooked to order with hashbrowns & english muffin

Breakfast Sides
Available Saturday & Sunday until 2pm

English muffin
Bacon or Sausage (patty or link)
One Egg

Ask the Bartender if there is an available Breakfast Special


Rainier Tall Boy

Miller High Life ($3)
Miller Lite
Coors Light
Sam Smith Organic Cider
Organic Chocolate Stout
Framboise Lambic

Liberty School Cabernet
Acrobat Pinot Gris

Soda Pop, Home Brewed Iced Tea, Coffee, and House-made Lemonade

Draught Beer
Pilsner Urquell

Evan Williams
Rancho Alegre
Gilbey’s Gin
Seagram’s Vodka
Bacardi Superior

Although Loretta’s is happy to provide table service, during our busier hours it is not always possible to attend to all of your needs. Please use your discretion and feel free to order at the bar. Water, condiments, silverware and napkins are available at the end of the bar by the kitchen.
Extra charge for to go orders.

NOTICE: Eating raw or undercooked foods may be hazardous to your health

A 20% Gratuity will be added to all unpaid tabs at closing time.

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